Wednesday, November 23, 2011


What do we have to be thankful for? Well, were do you start....

I know I met a few families who had the misfortune of of losing a family or friend this year,

While sitting around the table on Thanksgiving, think of those that you have to hold on to, think of those that need to hold onto you.

There are those that have lost their homes due to this horrible economy.........

Remember those that have lost it all, and you are still lucky to have your family there with you, no mater what the roof is that you are under.

There are those that have lost their jobs, their income and their saving...........

They still have their family and the health the good Lord gave them, along with the will and the drive to not give up and continue the search for a better life.

There are the elderly who have no one, they find themselves alone on this most difficult time of the year with the memories of loved ones gone and a life that is good but could be better if the neighbor family next door could maybe take a little time to reach out to them. Invite them over, or even just check in on them.

Their is the single parent who is trying to figure out what to do this holiday season, the 3 kids aren't aware that it may be a little difficult for Mom or Dad this year, All they know that this is a happy time of year, and it should be full of joy and presents. This is a situation that maybe the neighbors could help out with, ensure the parents burden is eased and the kids could have a little better holiday. It's really not asking allot.

There is a thousand different situations that a thousand different solutions can solve, and that many more people, people that are in positions to do something... Can you afford a turkey? or two, or five and take them to a church to be passed out, anonymously. Who needs to know? do it for yourself. It feels good, and rest assured that no matter what you might be able to do this year, it will make a kid, a family, a Mother or a Father so much more happy than you will be. Their not asking you to do this every day, their not asking for a direct deposit every week into their bank account. Just a little help now. A little something.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends, happy thanksgiving to you all. I hope you spend good time with good people who love you and enjoy your company.



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