Friday, January 11, 2013



Through out  this blog, you will be introduced to various cremation containers, they are different in price and appearance, yet..... THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING!
This is a cremation container  ($45)
You have death in the family, you choose cremation. You go to the funeral home and meet with the director. The Direct Cremation option is your service of choice. You do all the paperwork; You understand th the direct cremation is offered with a basic cardboard container. You are content with that. 
So is this one.. ($135)
Now comes the "switch", The Funeral Director (owner?) tells you, “Now we select the cremation container for your loved one” (that’s called a set up because there is ALL READY a cremation container included in the package, it is not illegal, but it is intended to instill upon you a sense of desire for you to want to do the best). Next comes a very attractive (and expensive) cremation container that you ASSUME is the one that comes with the cremation service selected, it builds pride and gives you comfort  in you and your decision to select an option that has this impressive container for your loved one. You are very pleased with what you see and proud of your selection. 
So is this.. ($300)
Now comes the “Let Down”. OH! I'm sorry sir, that is not the one that comes with the direct cremation, this is an "UPGRADE"......... THIS ONE IS! You are then given a worn, tattered picture that shows the very basic cremation container (brown cardboard Box). It is nothing more than a simple box that is used to transport the deceased to the crematory and cremation. It is not to be used for anything more than that. It is never presented to the public or available for prying eyes to see. Your jaw drops, it is ugly and you feel very embarrassed knowing this is the container that will be used for the deceased. (remember, no one is going to see it, The funeral director is BETTING that you will have the opinion that "I WILL KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE". He is counting on that to close his deal. 

At that time you are told the price of the two, the nicer container is HUNDREDS, if not thousands of dollars more, by then, the funeral director has won.  9 out of 10 people will upgrade to the more attractive expensive unit out of shame and guilt. You have been manipulated into buying something out of guilt, that's all. From the sales perspective, this is a great form of marketing. But this is NOT a car sales lot and the funeral director IS NOT a used car salesman............, and your family member has just died.

Why Did He Do This?

  • They both are acceptable as a cremation container
  • They both are acceptable for transporting the deceased
  • They both are acceptable by the crematory
  • They both fit the requirements of the law
  • They both are combustible
  • You were tricked into buying something that costs more and does the same thing
Think about this for a moment...... Why did he do this? now you know, and if you knew then what you are reading now, now you are getting angry.


So is this.... ($350)
The more expensive one is introducing greater profit to the funeral home via an unethical practice by the funeral director who played very heavy on your emotions and sentiment. This brought you to a point of “SEVERE GUILT” because you are thinking of accepting the simple cardboard container "that is in your budget and gets the job done"  over a more attractive box that is not.

As is this one.. ($450)
Ethics is defined as a system of moral principles: the ethics of a culture. Also defined as the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class or job title definition. "A set of concepts and principles that guide us in determining what behavior helps or harms sentient creatures (humans)".  The Cambridge Dictionary states that the word ethics is "commonly used interchangeably with 'morality' ... and sometimes it is used more narrowly to mean the moral principles of a particular tradition, group, individual or business.
This ones not for sale, you have to earn it...

Ethics means to do what is right, because it is the right thing to do and do it right all the time, even when no one is around and, no one is looking.

If something you do ever enters your mind as something you might get caught doing, it is "UNETHICAL".


The funeral director decided that introducing his type of deceitful sales tactics and practices ant he convinced himself that this is acceptable. The risk is worth the financial gain. They have become one that shows absolutely no emotion or have become so callous as to the pain you are feeling during your loss, he has been overcome and drunk on greed. He hopes to gain a profit and allows himself to guide you into a position where he or she emotionally have the upper hand in sales by swindling you into something you do not need, nor did you ask for. He does not care if you can afford it. These practices are "Learned" practices.

How about this one... ($700)
It is at this point in his career that this individual has lost all sense of morality and his best interest, his financial Profit, his  FINANCIAL GAIN  became more important than your best interests. This goes against the laws and principals of a funeral director, the trade and the rule of thumb. He or she is well aware of this. They know that if found out, they could lose their license, their business, their respect from the community and their freedom. This is a very serious offense and is punishable under the law.

The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by health care professionals that swear to practice medicine or the performance of their duties ethically, honestly and without question. It is common knowledge that funeral directors try to follow the same guidelines.


And this one is to.. ($800)
Well, the Funeral Home owner has exposed you to substantial duress during a most vulnerable time in your life, perhaps you knew it was not within your budget and you left thinking about it, It hurt you and your family because you were shamed and were exposed to options that you did not ask for and you did not want. This action was done with the sole intent of financial gain on behalf of the owner, all the time hoping that you will upgrade out of guilt, and not necessity. This is illegal.

With a statement and complaint to any STATE funeral board, the investigators will open a case against the facility and the state will file charges against this facility, the funeral director and the owner.

And Finally, this one is to.. ($3,700)
If the Funeral Board finds in your favor, you will then have all you need to bring criminal charges and a law suit against this facility suing them for an undetermined LARGE amount of financial payment and forfeiture of the facility license (if found guilty). At that time you may also bring a civil suit against the funeral director (person) that did this to you in the amount of thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars if found guilty.

Now, we all know that everyone is innocent until found guilty, so we cannot assume until the powers that be say they are.
So ask yourself Mr. Funeral Director, Is it worth it?

Oh, this would also make a GREAT Television News Story if you were to give the “ACTION-LINE” a call. They love these stories, and so does the public love to hear about these type of corrupt individuals....

FLASH! Funeral Director and owner get sent to PRISON!  


 Oh MY!........., Lets not talk about the I.D. Viewing scam, shall we?