Friday, July 1, 2011


Well, that is quite a topic. First things first, everyones pricing is "affordable" to someone...

Recent funeral convention...
I was privileged enough to sit with another local business owner this week and get a better understanding of another persons perspective and how ones upbringing through society and their life reflects on their business goals.

I learned and understand that some people have bigger goals than me. That is OK, I see no problem with that at all, if we were, as a society restricted in our ability to have big goals we would be just like the Soviet Union, and were are they today?

The topic came up with this gentleman about what we wanted out of our business. He shared with me a great dream, a desire to do a great deal with what he has, I could see it in his eyes. He really has a great, great passion to move forward with his dream. This my friends, is America, there is nothing at all wrong with that. I listened to his very detailed vision with great respect and understanding. It made me smile because privately I knew that I was part of that, for without spirited rivalry, ones path is to easy. He finishes his talk and then it was my turn.

I (me, Miguel Legaspi) also have a dream, as I shared it with him, I will share it with you.

My business and focus of everything I do in my life, is to help people. I like doing that, and that is not wrong. If I can only help people a little bit with what little bit I have, I will help were I can. But, I also know that I have to run a business, and it does me no good to "give the farm away" because then I would not be able to help anymore.

I say allot of things on these blogs that allot of people will find very offensive and interpret as a personal attack against themselves and their business. They are not.  

I have a real real big problem with the very scandalous and corrupt side of the industry. It is very bad, but my blogs are not a personal observation of the industry as a whole. 

This was the first time myself and this fellow business owner have ever spoken, it was a little tense, a little shuffling from left to right, but after a few cups of coffee I noticed a few smiles moving in and it came out well. 

You see, no matter how much people think it is within them to drive others out of business, I don't see that, It was not my intent to open Avenidas Funeral Chapel to hurt or think I had any type of clout to push anyone out. You would be surprised how many other facilities think that they have it in them to "Shut another" down. That's silly. 

Funeral homes are like Auto Dealers, Some people go buy Cadillacs because they like them and can afford them, But now and again you find someone trying to buy one that cant afford one. Other people will buy a simple ford or Chevy or even a Hyundai because that is all they can afford. There is no shame in that. Like a funeral, it accomplishes its purpose. BUT there is nothing wrong at all either with someone who wants to buy a Cadillac.

My business associate told me a very wise thing, It stuck in my head and He was right. He said that he felt that  "people should die like they lived". I agree with him 100%. Unfortunately, allot of people don't. But you know what? That is their choice! Some go direct cremation when they can afford a mahogany casket with all bells and whistles ant then there all those that prefer it all when they really have no funding to do anything.  Then there are those that can aford all that and so much more and all they want is to be cremated and put in a coffee can, go figure.

So, are funeral homes competitive you ask?

Get away from him I'm doing this funeral
It depends on the owner, I don't think I am, where we are located there are 3 other funeral homes in a 12 mile radius. I do not compete with them because I can not be them, I can only do the best that I can do to help others bury their dead. That is what I want to do, believe it or not, no matter how harsh some of my blogs are, I have no ill will towards anyone.

But on the other hand, I will not sit back and allow subtle back door attacks that are camouflaged in the name of "business" to be thrown at my business out of ones false inflated concerns of my existence. That is ones attempt to drive one out of business without getting to know them and that's just plain mean spirited, no matter what the business is. If pushed, as any man would, I tend to push back a little harder. If it is discomforting, then don't push.

I opened my business on a fair playing field and all I ask is a fair chance to run my business so I can provide good business without having to worry about my suppliers or service providers being forced to serve one client over the other out of fear of me being competitive, I am not, I just happen to be in the same business! Remember, I don't sell Cadillacs.

Did you know there are funeral homes in the valley that do everything they can to get every single service there is in the valley every day? First off, that's crazy, were would you put all the bodies and you couldn't do all the paper work. That is just greed as well, there is enough business to go around. I have a very open door policy. I serve everyone but it is no secret that a vast majority of my client base is Hispanic, Why? My Name? My Location? It probably is a variety of different things. there are funeral homes out there that feel threatened by that. Why? I don't know, again, because they want it all.

Many have asked why I am so negative about the industry I work in. As said to me, It appears that I was introduced to a very negative and immoral, unethical side of the industry through "most" of the employers Ive worked for, You know what? The person that told me that was right, and I am only trying trying to do what I can to help you stay out of those types of locations.

I don't want it all, I don't want to compete, I don't want to get rich, I don't want a new car......

I just want to help people, that's all. 

Oh, the way I choose to help people is through my affordable pricing, There is nothing wrong with that. I can charge what I please as can any business owner, and I fully support their decision to price their merchandise and services as they see fit. It does not make them wrong at all. And it does not make me right, or wrong. It is just my price, thats all.


  1. I think many are too shy to tell you that your numerous spelling errors and constant slandering on other funeral homes make you appear amateur and unprofessional. Then again, I suppose your patrons get what they pay for? I am glad you are proud of your business, however, a little polishing and respect towards others could get you a long way.

    1. Oh, for the record, I never slandered another funeral home in my Blogs, Ever. Keep reaching...

      AND! We have come a very, very long way!People apreciate my "REAL" imperfections, not false or fake personalities. It Works!

      But thank you for your advice.

  2. Hello Kts2214,

    Well, as for my spelling, ya know, I use spell check so I’m trying real hard. I wouldn't want to give anyone the impression that I am above them or that I am perfect.

    This is also the second and only response I have received with the wording "I guess you get what you pay for." funny wouldn’t be from the same person would it? My posts are not attacking or "slandering" any one person, facility, location or individual. As you can see, if you have read all my post like you are insinuating that you have, I have never ever used any funeral home by name, and perhaps if you spent more time looking for the good in my posts that helps the community (I like to do that) instead of the negative, you might see that hurts your pocket book. (no harm intended, I prefer to help my community save than put cash in an overpriced facilities pocket book)

    My assumption is that perhaps if you might be in the funeral industry, you are a bit concerned with the negative light I am bringing to the industry or the light in general I am bringing to those funeral homes that operate bellow par in regards to societies interpretation of FAIR pricing. If so, then please continue to read.

    A vast majority, if not all my posts revolve around pretty much one issue, and that issue is my observation of funeral costs. Working in the industry, and perhaps if you do to, you also are aware that funeral costs are way overrated. If you do work in the industry (and a little bird tells me you do) then this is something you will not admit to because to do this will also admit to you agreeing to remove cash from your own pocket. That’s a no no, isn’t it?

    I do a very good job doing what I do, be it helping families afford what they can and being treated well, or bringing light to the negative side of this industry that so many are now being made aware off.

    OR, and this is a big one, being told by so many, “you are like one of us, one of the simple people” I guess that’s just me, a simple guy, because I have been told that allot, and I like that. I don’t want to be much more than that. I don’t want to be buried in that “Mahogany Casket”.

    When a family comes to me and I make arrangements, they are not shocked or don’t have a problem with the pricing I present to them. But then again, as I said in the post, “everyone prices are affordable to someone somewhere…”

    If I may, I'm sure that those families that are saving thousands of dollars on a service due to the information I am providing are really not too concerned with my spelling, but if that is the most important and significant thing you can find in my blogs, I apologize but if it means I have to be a bad speller to save people a little cash, I guess my spelling is doomed to fail. I’ll take that hit.

    My door is open, please come by for a “Coffee” and you will se that I’m not shy at all, My name is known and people contact me daily.

    You have a wonderful Fourth of July.

    Miguel Legaspi

    You failed to leave a name for me to respond to, it is very easy to hide in the dark, like so many overpriced funeral home owners do. Could it possibly be that you.......?

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