Sunday, January 2, 2011


I had the misfortune of speaking to yet another family this morning, my second in the last week that had lost a family member to a death. Their story deeply disturbs me because these families found themselves facing astronomical funeral costs that they just could not afford. One was blessed enough to be afforded the opportunity to seek us out after they visited one of the corporate locations. They made the very wise choice to look around, the difference between what we had to offer in regards to service charges was a savings to the family of around $5,170.00. That was the savings presented to them. In the end this family was only obligated to pay the removal fees of the other funeral home of roughly $700.00. Our removal fees are $225.00. Their total service charges came out to around $2,830.00 with us.

The second family, who also went to one of the local corporate locations, was forced to pay $120.00 a day in “storage” fees for seven days until they could come up with the funds needed to go to burial. The price for services requested by this family was around $9,000.00. If only they had been informed about us. We don't charge storage fees, and they could have the services they wanted to get, not just would they could afford there.

These prices and charges are outrageously ignorant and insulting to the community. One thing you will find if you get to know me personally and our establishment is that we serve all of the community. EVERYONE! Impoverished or not. Poverty crosses all lines in regards to race, color or religious preference. When you as a funeral home are needed it is important to step up to the plate and help EVERYONE. That is the magic word, HELP!

This does not speak true for the corporate giant funeral industry that feels that because these corporations have purchased or built a mortuary and cemetery in a specific neighborhood that they can charge what they choose because their “studies” have shown specific ethnic communities prefer burial over any other type of service. Those ethnic communities can be yours, the targeted market or for a lack of better understanding “DOLLAR SIGNS”.

This is called “scalping the community”… your community. To pay service prices for a simple burial of anything over $3,000.00 is absurd. These have been the common place nightmare stories I have heard from different families since I have opened. This is a true nightmare and a fleecing of the community, MY community and I have grown tired of this.

Please, please, get the word out. Let those know that there are facilities out there that are willing to assist and are NOT corporate owned funeral homes, or even those independently owned that operate as if they were corporate affiliates. Corporate owned locations will do everything possible to stick to the price list price that is probably outside of your budget. There is no shame in car washes to cover service prices but if a funeral home is RECOMMENDING these types of events in order for you to pay for something they just sold you, does that sound ethical? Moral?

We are here to help, serve. Since opening we have been privileged to serve 28 families. Of these families all have commented that they had made the right choice and would recommend us. For that, I thank them. But I so hate to hear of the pricing horror stories after the fact. When I could have helped these families if they had just been made aware of us by a friend…………………………………Like you!

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