Monday, January 31, 2011


I may not agree with everyones reason for doing what they do in this industry, nor do they all agree with me. We all have different reasons for choosing to get into the industry. Some is to serve the community economically and compassionatly, others to serve the community while trying to earn a good living, but no doubt, their intent is to serve with the same level of compassion and professionalism as their fellow business owners.

Some funeral homes are owned by licenced funeral directors, some are not, I am not a licensed funeral director yet I own Avenidas. I do however choose to use compassion to guide me through my daily chores of running my business and yes, as much as I do try to help, I must understand that in order for my business to function so I can continue to serve the community, I must run it as a business that SERVES the community.

For whatever reason a funeral home comes into existence, I am sure that a vast majority of the owners start, and even finish with good intentions.

I ask you to watch this video so you can see exactly what is involved in this industry that we serve in. From the smallest simple establishment to the most grandious palacial funeral service center, please remember, we all have chosen to serve in this industry, even if some of us are seasoned with a little bit more compassion than others and that compassion is defined differently by each of us on different levels.

Thank you!

Miguel Legaspi

Watch The Undertaking on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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