Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday I spoke with the director over at the State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers in regards to an issue that was brought to my attention. It seems that we were being refereed to as  a "Low Cost" funeral home.

"Low Cost" Hmmmmmmmm!

Well let's have a look at that phrase. You see, in today's economy, we tend to try and follow the trend. Right now it is my observation that many families can not afford steak every night for dinner. There for something simple like chicken and noodles or even sopa and arroz will suffice. I am not saying there is anything wrong with such a simple meal, but for some, this has become the "norm".

Now steak is a good meal, and I like steak, but again in today's economy it appears more and more that steak, as much as we like it in America is becoming a luxury. We, as a society, a vast majority of this society can no longer afford to eat steak three times a week. Times have changed, and society, to include businesses must understand that our spending habits and budgets have and will change with the times. Lets take into consideration Applebee's 2 for $20 dinners. They get it. Need I say more?

So, lets get back to that topic or that label of being a "Low Cost" funeral home. Now, there is a corporation that owns a chain of funeral homes in the valley that they pride themselves in referring to these locations as "Low Cost" facilities. This is the marketing tactic they feel they need to do to separate the haves and have-nots, the blue collar from the white collar or for a more understandable perspective, the rich from the poor.

There are also some independent funeral facilities in the valley that follow in the same footsteps as these corporate funeral giants doing the exact same thing, separating or trying to separate the classes.

Buy a car?
Again, back to the topic of "Low Cost" funeral home label. Well, I don't look at it like that, in comparison to my corporate competitors the next small town over. We here at Avenidas still are able to provide an elegant facility, larger selection and more personalization, more options than they can or will. All this at still a more affordable price not a lower cost or "Cheaper Price" ( did I not do a blog on this when we first opened?). If it is your desire to have more than they offer, THEY will be referred to the "White Collar" side of their funeral chains or the "haves" side of their business, or to keep it  simple, the richer side of the funeral chain.

Observe or listen to the words that fellow funeral establishments share with you either in print, in person or "on the PHONE" when you are shopping around.

Degrading or insulting comments are a facilities way of making a last ditch effort to get you to come into their facility or not to leave their facility. If this is all they can do by insinuating their competitors affordable charges equal substandard or immoral practices or service, then consider moving on. These are gimmicks of a shoddy used car salesman that is itching to get your cash in his or her pockets. Is this the type of facility or staff you want preparing your services?

Over the top advertising be it through busy sloppy adds that are almost overwhelming is a sign of corporate splatter (as I like to refer to it) or over convincing. Is it necessary? Should your facility, your name and reputation not speak for itself?

Once again back to the topic at hand, "Low Cost" funeral home. Instead of entertaining this phrase any longer, I feel very comfortable in accepting the label or referral as "Affordable Priced or "Comfortably Affordable".  At Avenidas Funeral Chapel I no longer feel that we have to nor have we ever had to prove our pricing, our staff or our services to anyone. We are good at what we do, we are proud of what we do and we are here to do what we do for you, in a comfortable, affordable and dignified location.

Remember, this is what they want you to believe.
Remember, if someone is referring to another location as "Low Cost" all they are doing is pointing the finger back at themselves and saying "Over Priced and over rated in their own eyes". OR! if they are corporate its all about "We have a quota to meet at all cost".

So check out that "Low Cost independent" facility as referred to by another local competitor, I think you will be amazingly surprised as to what you will find.

And again, I will stand on my comment that we have NEVER, EVER referred to any other location, be it by name, corporate name or street address to promote or belittle their services or staff, pricing or facilities. We do not, we will not.


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