Thursday, December 16, 2010


CREMATION COSTS A FUNERAL HOME ABOUT $155... and maybe 20 minuets of administrative work.

All funeral homes offer some type of cremation service, many locations offer direct cremation as the quickest and easiest way to complete the disposition process of a friend or loved one. It is a low cost service that many funeral homes have been trying to find different ways to be creative and incur more cost in a simple service to supplement the loss in burial services.

 Most funeral homes use one of 3 cremation facilities in the valley to cremate, needless to say if you are being charged more than $800.00 for a direct cremation, beware, a vast majority,(around 80%) of that price is profit. Be concerned... It is all the same procedure, done at the same place, the same way..

In the valley, you can get drug over the coals (no pun intended) for about $2,600 for a direct cremation. That's right, some places are charging over $2,600 dollars for this simple procedure.

 Cremation is up to 69% in the state of Arizona, that is a steady increase of about 4% a year. Funeral homes traditionally count on the myth that "Hispanics Don't Cremate" Magic Word? Myth. Traditionally the Hispanic, Catholic faith client is a cash cow and is preyed upon by the industry for its large BURIAL services and cash spent...Beware...

Direct cremation is becoming the new "MAGIC CASKET" profit that mortuaries have been looking for to replace their "DWINDLING CASKET REVENUE". It does not cost that much so you should NOT be charged that much. If you are paying that much, the only driving factor behind this outlandish price is...


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